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Level up your video!

Looking to level up and make your video content the best it can be? We sifted through student work collecting common mistakes with very easy fixes.Run your eyes over this before starting your next assignment and get that 7 you deserve! Video Recording: Great Location … Continue readingLevel up your video!

How to use Linkedin learning

What is LinkedIn Learning? UQ provides FREE access to the LinkedIn Learning catalogue for all students and staff. LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of training videos and courses in creative skills, software, and more. Some of the topics included are: The Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Audition, Premiere … Continue readingHow to use Linkedin learning

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Finding music for your videos

We are often asked the question:  Where can I find music that I can legally use in my video or podcast? That isn’t horrible? On a budget of zero dollars or next to zero dollars? Here are some options.