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Canon 60D DLSR Camera

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Canon 80D DSLR Camera

Zoom H2 Audio Recorder
Zoom H2 Audio Recorder

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A studio microphone in a recording booth

How to use the studio recording booths

STEP 1 – Introduction video For information on how to use the studio recording booths in the Ideas Space, follow this quick-start 3 minute guide. This video will get you through setting up the equipment, and preparing Adobe Audition for recording.

Old-time microphone

Free music, videos, photos for projects

What are Creative Commons assets? Creative Commons (CC) is the official name of the system used as an alternative to copyright, where the author keeps full control of their work. CC lets you legally share, reuse, and alter material created by others. It usually just requires that you give credit to the original author. The … Continue reading “Free music, videos, photos for projects”

Lynda.com logo

How to use Lynda.com

What is Lynda.com? UQ provides FREE access to the Lynda.com premium catalogue for all students and staff. Lynda.com offers thousands of training videos and courses in creative skills, software, and more. Some of the topics included are: The Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro, InDesign, etc.) Video and photography techniques and tips Web design and … Continue reading “How to use Lynda.com”


Finding music for your videos

We are often asked the question:  Where can I find music that I can legally use in my video or podcast? That isn’t horrible? On a budget of zero dollars or next to zero dollars? Here are some options.


How to make a viral video Coffee Run – FREE MAN Skateboarding Short Film Made in Byron Bay

  “Coffee Run” is a short concept skateboarding film made for FREE MAN Skateboarding (freemanskateboarding.com), based in my home town Byron Bay.