The Jactech gear loans desk will open from Week 1 and will remain open until Friday June 14

Semester 1 – Important Dates:

  • Jactech Last Loans Out:
    Friday June 7
  • Jactech Returns Only:
    Week commencing Monday June 10
  • Jactech Final Day for Semester 1:
    Friday June 14

If you’re due to collect or return gear but feel unwell, it’s important you stay home.
Please email Jactech at [email protected] to rearrange your collection or return, or if you have any questions.

Screenshot of our new system

JACtech’s new loans system is more streamlined and has a host of new features like being able to book multiple items in one go, and being able to see the availability of kits and studio spaces.

How do I access the system?

The system requires you to have permissions applied to your account before booking equipment and other facilities.

For both new and continuing students, you will need to be given “permissions” by JACtech staff after your first login to the JACtech platform. By default, you can log in, but cannot access anything.

To get access:

  1. Review the Jactech loans terms and conditions
  2. Click the green ‘Book Gear’ button below to open a new tab
  3. Click the blue ‘Sign in to your account’ button
  4. Click the blue ‘Sign in with your ‘UQ-Jactech’ button
  5. NOTE: This step MUST be done before step #5 Log in with your student name and number. (You will not have permissions to place a booking on your first login).
  6. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “New user” and send your full name, the name of your degree, and full student number (8 numbers, without the ‘s’ at the beginning).
  7. Within 1 business day, JACtech staff will give you the basic permissions and also add permissions for DSLR cameras if you have already done the training. We will email you back to advise when this is done.
  8. When you next log in, you will be able to book gear and studio time.
Book gear
Click here to go to the Booking system site

If booking a recording booth, watch this video ahead of your session so you can hit the ground running!