How to add a new training session to

  1. Double Check that you have the date, time, name of workshop correct
  2. Head to and log in. Ask MaPS manager for login
  3. Once Logged in select your name in the top right menu e.g. ‘Paul’ and choose ‘Manage events’
  4. Choose ‘Past’ and find the most recent example of the course you are trying to add e.g.
    1. You might need to scroll to the bottom ad choose ‘select all’ to reveal more courses
  5. Once you have found a past course, copy it so you can use it as a template for a new one.
    1. Find the course and choose ‘Manage’ form the options just under the course title.
    2. From the blue text menu in the ‘top-ish’ right choose copy to make a duplicate of this course
    3. Name the event (usually just remove ‘Copy of’) and choose ‘COPY EVENT’
    4. Check that each detail is correct
      1. is the room still correct?  Be especuially wary if the room says 208 as most of these workshops are now in RM 224, the Digital Learning Studio (DLS)
      2. Change the date and time to the new workshop time and date.
      3. Check that the duration is correct (usually two hours)
        1. Double check the date!  Year correct? Month correct? This info is critical!
      4. ‘Organiser Name’ is always UQ School of Communication and Arts
    5. SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Under ‘2 Create Tickets’ you need to select the COG for ‘ticket settings’
      1. SET ‘Ticket sales start’ to a time in the past.
      2. SET Ticket sales end to the morning of the event.  If in doubt, set this to a time well into the future.
      3. If this part is wrong NO ONE CAN SIGN ON.  Which is bad.
    6. As instructed either ‘SAVE’ the event and pass to supervisor to make live or choose ‘MAKE YOUR EVENT LIVE’
    7. Once done, log out, and view the student facing site and check the listing for:
      1. correct workshop title
      2. correct date and time
      3. correct location
      4. check that tickets can be booked
    8. Success!  Winning! Hooray!