When is JACtech open?
I can't return my equipment on time, what should I do?
Does JACtech provide batteries?
What does 'MaPS' stand for?
How do I book a recording booth, a video camera, a digital camera or a zoom audio recorder?
What is the equipment that SCA uses?
Where can I see the MaPS online tutorials?
Where can I see upcoming OWL Workshops held by the MaPS Team?
How often are OWL Workshops taught?
Who should I contact about getting involved in jacDigital
How do I get access to high quality DSLR cameras?
How do I get advanced training in video production?


When is the Ideas Space, computer lab and recording booths open?
Having problems with the recording booth.
How to conduct a phone interview in the SCA Recording Booths
How do I record audio on a DSLR camera?
Why is there a humming sound in my audio recording?
How do I log in to computers in the HASS Labs?
As an SCA student, what other computer labs do I have access to?
Can I leave the computer locked and unattended?
How much space do I have on my student H: drive?


File caching in Premiere Pro video projects
Copying footage off the Canon fs200 video camera
How to change audio levels in Premiere Pro CS6
I’ve accidentally moved some of my source files from the location I imported them in Adobe Premiere Pro and now I am receiving a “Media Offline” error message. How do I re-locate the files so Adobe Premiere Pro knows where they are?
Spacebar not working to play or pause in Adobe Audition CS6.
What export settings should I select in Adobe Indesign, Audition and Premiere Pro?
What are the different kind of formats for my external hard drive?
What are the options when saving work to SCA computers?
Why won't the computer recognise my hard drive?
Where can I find music or sound effects to use in my video/audio projects?


Should I get an ABN?
The lab is too hot or cold. How can I adjust the air conditioner?
The printer is not printing correctly. How do I get this fixed?
There is no paper left in the printer. How do I get some more?
What do I do if I accidentally get locked out of the Joyce Ackroyd building?